Service Disruptions Update

There has been a few changes in postal service regulations which we'd like to highlight to you below aswell as some more updates on what we've been dealing with recently:

  • A couple of days ago Royal Mail & Parcelforce have been given the clear to ship out parcels to destinations outside the UK again. There is a bit of a backlog considering parcels have been held back for a week + but there's movement again so if you're an international customer and have ordered very recently and are still waiting on your order to be shipped out / to be cleared for available tracking at the post office that will be happening very soon now.
  • Some items that have been on pre-purchase for a while have only taken longer than usual to come back into stock due to wholesaler covid stock dry-ups. If you've been waiting for a pre-purchase item for a while now feel free to contact us for the rest of your order to be shipped & your pre-purchase item to be refunded. (or not depending on if you'd rather wait on it of course) Also, feel free to check on the status of your item with us at any time, however, do keep in mind that due to the times it may be difficult for us to give you a precise answer.
  • Finally, we've been endlessly working on getting back to anyone who may have had their query not dealt with by our previous customer service person whom was employed during the summer and we had to fire early December (see 'Recent Service Disruptions' post). We'd like to remind you that if you have reached out to us even some time early December or before that and had trouble getting through, please try getting in touch again and you will 100% be responded to, whether that's via email @ or via Instagram DMs.

As always, a big thank you for the support. Happy New Year from the H&S Team


-Artur & Jodie