Latest Pre-purchase Item Updates

Hello everyone! As you may be aware; in our previous news blog we've highlighted the fact that we've been actively trying to replenish the stock of / get in items that are on pre-purchase, prioritising the ones that people have been waiting on the longest. With the crop tops having arrived, all of those have now been shipped out. If for whatever reason you're still waiting on your order containing one of those, definitely reach out to us via our 'Contact Us' form or by contacting and we will get it sorted for you.

The items that are currently in production right this second & are due to be with us any day now are the Princess & Daddy Jumpers, black as well as white Filthy & Disgusting Longsleeves & the Stay Spooky beanies. Some of these we are aware we had confirmed the production of in the last update, but with production times extended we've still not received some of them and hence expect them in any day now.

Up very next to be re-stocked are both Saint & Sinner Hoodies, all 3 colours of Inner Print Tees and light pink & black Spit in my Mouth T-shirts. Again, the reason for delays on some items are current covid wholesaler stock dry-ups in additional to previously mentioned longer production times. If you have waited for a considerable amount of time and would like a refund/ replacement or further update on your order simply reach out to us.

We thank you all as always for your patience and constant support.

Much Love, Jodie & Artur, Your H&S Team.